About Hydex Solutions

At its core, Hydex is a business that is based on the needs of its many satisfied customers. We come up with products and fixes that are designed to meet the demands of modern truck usage in a wide range of different situations. Everything we make will have been designed, produced and assembled to meet the highest quality standards. This means you’ll see CE marking where applicable among other marks of manufacturing excellence. Our products are second-to-none, providing durability, reliability and functionality in equal measure.

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Our Process

The process we use at Hydex is designed to deliver convenience and reliability at every stage so that all of our
customers can have complete confidence not only in our products but in everything we do.



We design products and truck accessories to meet our customers’ specifications and to overachieve when it comes to articulated truck components of all kinds. Using the latest software and technology, our design processes ensure our products fit the bill.



We work with our clients and other stakeholders to develop components and systems that don’t just operate well but have design capabilities that often exceed expectations. Careful product development helps to ensure our designs meet their intended functionalities.



When we are at the manufacturing stage, our process is all about ensuring that delivery schedules and standards are met in full. Our quality control systems help to ensure our product development expectations remain in place for the final delivery.



Finally, Hydex offers customer support and post-sales dependability. Not only are our truck accessories long-lasting and reliable but they will continue to perform well long after they have been fitted.

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