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We operate with a four-stage process at Hydex that allows us to design very precise solutions to meet niche market requirements with articulated and mining truck usage today. Not only this, but our product development processes are handled with just as much care so that when we deliver a new truck solution, it will always function as intended. As such, our design work is built into everything we deliver, helping to inform us of what to do with the next generation of products.

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Our Process

The process we use at Hydex is designed to deliver convenience and reliability at every stage so that all of our
customers can have complete confidence not only in our products but in everything we do.



We design products and truck accessories to meet our customers’ specifications and to overachieve when it comes to articulated truck components of all kinds. Using the latest software and technology, our design processes ensure our products fit the bill.



We work with our clients and other stakeholders to develop components and systems that don’t just operate well but have design capabilities that often exceed expectations. Careful product development helps to ensure our designs meet their intended functionalities.



When we are at the manufacturing stage, our process is all about ensuring that delivery schedules and standards are met in full. Our quality control systems help to ensure our product development expectations remain in place for the final delivery.



Finally, Hydex offers customer support and post-sales dependability. Not only are our truck accessories long-lasting and reliable but they will continue to perform well long after they have been fitted.

Engineering Excellence From an Experienced Firm

With decades of experience behind us, there are no comparable firms working with specialist articulated truck product development in the world today. Our specialist know-how puts us at the forefront of what we do, something you can see for yourself from our technical product specification sheets and our recent case studies alike.

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Technical Expertise in Numerous Sectors

Even if you need a product for an articulated truck you operate that isn’t in one of our target sectors, we may have a suitable accessory for you. Our technical know-how covers many different applications so feel free to make contact if you think we can design and deliver or adapt something that would be of use to you

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