LH30 & LH45 Log Hauler Trailer

Log trailer built with the OEM manufactures suspension and axles.

Vast range of additional equipment (HyTrack TPMS, Payload monitoring)

Fold down headboard for transport

Large volume and payload, up to 80 tonne

Suitable for harvested logs up to 7.5m in length

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Product Description

The Hydex LH30 and LH45 Log Hauler with Trailer has been specifically designed to transport harvested logs easily and safely from the stump or logging site to the processing area. Due to the high flotation of this type of machine can run infield in areas of timber harvesting operations saving material handling and processing operations.

Built around a 30 or 45 ton Articulated truck featuring an articulated trailer, the LH30 & LH45 enables operators to transport harvested logs to a primary depot at a far greater longer average distances than conventional forwarders.

Features – Log Truck:

  • Headboard fitted as standard that can be folded flat for road transportation.
  • 30 and 38 tonnes load capacity.
  • 50 and 77 cubic meters volume capacity.
  • 3.6 m or 4.2 m overall width when infield.
  • 3.6 m width for road transportation.
  • Up to 7.5 m log length as standard.
  • HyTrack TPMS and Payload monitoring weight system fitted as optional extra.

Features – Trailer:

  • Log trailer built with Caterpillar suspension and axles.
  • Trailer can except up to 7.5 m log length.
  • 32 tonnes load capacity.
  • HyTrack TPMS and Payload monitoring weight system fitted as optional extra.
  • Heavy duty hitch assembly and draw bar.

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