Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

Provides real time machine data & much more

Live tracking of vehicle status and location

Remote monitoring via web or mobile device

Wi-Fi and GSM enabled

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Product Description

HyTrack is a tyre monitoring system and provides a rugged and reliable solution with a range of features that allows mine and construction operators to track their vehicle’s tyre temperature and pressure, speed, braking and location in real-time and to receive early warning of potential problems or hazards. This live data allows swift remedial action to be taken, which can be the difference between safe operation and a major incident. By ensuring the vehicle’s tyres are operating within recommended temperature and pressure limits, HyTrack brings increased levels of safety to both the vehicle operators and the technicians that work on them. 

From a commercial perspective, by ensuring that tyres are correctly inflated, tyre life is extended and costly downtime from repairs and intervention is reduced, improving productivity. Alarms trigger when user configurable operational threshold levels, such as tyre temperature, are exceeded, providing early warning of potential tyre or vehicle failure.  

This versatile system can also be used as a speed limiter, either to restrict the top speed of the machine all of the time, or only when the machine is fully or partially loaded 


  • Real-time temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Live tracking of vehicle status and location
  • Geo-fencing
  • Real-time email/SMS alerts
  • Wi-Fi and GSM enabled
  • TKPH and cycle counter
  • Hermetic sensors – impervious to liquids and chemicals
  • User configurable alarms and automated alerts
  • Remote monitoring via web or mobile device
  • Update map overlays as mine footprint changes
  • Independent system without restrictions to particular tyre manufacturers.

Key benefits of HyTrack include:

  • Improved driver and technician safety
  • Increased productivity
  • Helps to detect mechanical failure
  • Extend tyre life/hours view actual TKPH
  • Improve fuel efficiency (up to 8% improvement and 10kph increase on the speed of haul roads).

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Available Models

Remote monitoring via web or mobile device

Live tracking of vehicle status and location

Wi-Fi and GSM enabled

Real-time temperature and pressure monitoring

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