Water Tanks
WT25, WT30, WT35, WT40 and WT45

Expoxy Coating

Water Level Indicator in Cab

CE Marked

Splash guard on front and rear of tank to protect cab/rear area 

Hydex control system

Stainless steel tank and pipework

Tanks in stock reading to be shipped

Supervision of water tank assembly anywhere on the globe optional

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Product Description

The Hydex WT range is a complete line of water tanks by Hydex Solutions Ltd. The Hydex water tank is designed for dust suppression on the most demanding mining, quarrying and construction sites. Hydex baffle valves (patent pending) in both transverse and longitudinal directions offer vastly superior stability, helping to eliminate truck rollover and making the Hydex WT one of the safest water trucks on the market today. 

Why choose a Hydex WT Series Articulated Water Tank Truck?

In addition to the Hydex baffling system (patent pending), which helps to make a Hydex WT one of the safest water trucks on the market, we chose to design and develop our own tank so that we can better control the manufacturing quality. Hydex holds spare part stocks at our facility to ensure good availability.  

Hydex have chosen to fit high-spec components to help provide the reliability that you would expect from Hydex. For example, all trucks are fitted with Berkley water pumps.  

The Hydex logic control system offers the operator a clear and easy-to-operate control system, with functionality and safety benefits. Any function can be accessed through the press of a single button rather than having to engage hydraulics, open valves, then open spray heads etc.  

Also, the machine can never be left in a dangerous state (with a spray head open for example). Whenever the ignition of the truck is switched off, the normal safe condition of the truck is reverted to.  

Hydraulic motors are specified well within their comfortable working range to help ensure a long, trouble-free life and have been selected so that optimum pump RPM is achieved at lower engine RPM. This in turn increases drivability and the fuel economy of the machine is maximised.  

Any extra hydraulic flow not required is diverted back to tank rather than restricting the hydraulic flow which causes the high pitch squeal you hear from so many of our competitors’ trucks.  

Best of all, the days of holding a water tank in 3rd gear around the site at maximum engine RPM are fortunately gone, reducing engine and transmission strain, not to mention saving valuable fuel!  

The Hydex WT range of water tanks is fully customizable to your site’s requirements, meaning if you have a road to wash or a special area to reach, we can tailor our tanks to meet your demands. Wherever in the world you are, Hydex has a sales representative ready to fulfil your needs. Contact us today to get a quote!

Additional Options

  • Remote controlled turret water cannon, with the control panel mounted within the cab.  
  • Full width gravity bar with in cab control.  
  • Hose Reel with 100´ x 1½˝ hose including straight nozzle.  
  • Fire Eater system; includes built-in stainless-steel foam tank, and adjustable nozzle for water and foam.  
  • Rear spray bar with staggered fan sprays.  
  • Extensive range of options available: side sprays, hose reels, water cannons, gravity dumps.  
  • Stainless steel tank and pipework. 

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Capacity & Equipment

Hydex baffle system

Model WT25 5000 US Gallon/19,000 litres tank capacity

Model WT30 6000 US Gallon/23,000 litres tank capacity

Model WT35 7000 US Gallon/27,000 litres tank capacity

Model WT40 8000 US Gallon/30,000 litres tank capacity

Model WT45 9000 US Gallons/34,000 litres tank capacity

1500 GPM hydraulic driven centrifugal pump

Rear spray bar to include up to three fully adjustable fan spray heads with individual cab mounted hydraulic controls.

Two spray heads mounted on front of tank for side sprays with individual cab controls.

Water Level Indicator in Cab

Self loading system which allows for suction from a water supply.

Splash guard on front and rear of tank to protect cab/rear area.

Hydex control system

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